• WE: Touch’d Is Your New Personal Relationship Manager

    December 26, 2016 Arzish Azam Uncategorized

    We have a new contact manager app officially launching on Christmas called Touch’d, and if the development team is to be believed, it’ll blow every contact manager out of the water.

    Touch’d is unlike any contact manager we have used so far. At heart, it’s a relationship manager, or a CRM for your personal life. Its basic premise is to prevent relationships from decaying, and turning friends into strangers over time.

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    Thankfully inviting your favorites to Touch’d lets you claim free access to Touch’d Premium features for a limited time.
    Check out this video for more details:

  • NDTV – Touch’d is a relationship manager for the Forgetful

    “There are apps to manage your calendar, your expenses, or even all your messaging apps, so we’re not surprised that a new app wants to help you manage your relationships. The idea sounds a bit strange at first. Do you really need an app to tell you which of your friends or family members you need to contact? Those were our first thoughts when we tried Touch’d, an Android app that claims to help you keep in touch with near and dear ones. Read on to find out if the app works as its developers intended.”

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  • Techinasia – How many people can you be friends with?

    March 26, 2016 Adi Abdurab Press

    A social app that’ll force you to be more social

    The premise of the app is that social networks are usually designed for engagement and don’t solve the problem of meaningful interaction. Furthermore, we may believe that we’re increasingly more social as our network grows, but in reality we’re neglecting those closest to us far more than we should.

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  • Techjuice: Touch’d is a Founder Institute Graduate

    February 5, 2016 Adi Abdurab Press

    Here’s an innovative startup that will help you monitor and strengthen your relationships. Touch’D will provide you feedback on how to improve your interactions with others based on your text messages, social media activity and participation in meetups.


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