• Techjuice: Touch’d is a Founder Institute Graduate

    February 5, 2016 Adi Abdurab Press

    Here’s an innovative startup that will help you monitor and strengthen your relationships. Touch’D will provide you feedback on how to improve your interactions with others based on your text messages, social media activity and participation in meetups.


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  • Startup Istanbul: Touch’d as a relationship manager

    September 21, 2015 Adi Abdurab Press

    Touch’d is a mobile ‘social assistant’ for people with large networks and busy lives, to stay in touch with their important contacts. It lets you select an inner circle’ of friends, and then makes sure you stay in touch with them regularly by maintaining ‘relationship health’ of each contact based on interactions across multiple platforms including phone and social media and gently reminding the user when a relationship needs a boost.

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